Sam' Giardino Guesthouse accommodation in Swakopmund, Namibia, for travellers of the Skeleton Coast of the Namib Desert and the western regions of Namibia

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Sam's Giardino in Swakopmund, on Namibia's central Skeleton Coast, is a small guesthouse catering for individual travellers who value experiencing life's best facets, from exquisite food and wine to natural surroundings.

I, Samuel Egger, together with my trained service team of Namibians extent a warm welcome to 'hospitality with a touch of heart' in best Swiss tradition.

Our comfortable en-suite rooms for guest accommodation, lush gardens and cosy lounges fit for relaxation and socialising, our outstanding restaurant services, stimulating libraries of great books and videos, as well as offerings of inspiring activity options are all designed to nurture body, mind and soul.

Sam's Giardino stands for sound values and for understated sophistication, letting our guests find real quality where it matters.

Enjoy your Giardino Experience!

copyright krause-rehberg: Namibia Swakopmund is situated on the central Skeleton Coast of Namibia, wedged between the Namib Desert and the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding Dorob National Park protects the coastal Namib Desert whose awe-inspiring ancient landscapes are home to an array of uniquely desert-adapted fauna and flora. The cold waters of the arctic Benguela Current are teeming with marine life, and the ocean's shores provide a multitude of pelagic bird species with ideal living conditions.

Outdoor sports options of any conceivable kind are another attraction of the central Namibian coast, including family-fun and extreme sports, such as sand-boarding just outside town and rock climbing in the Spitzkoppe and Erongo Mountains. Sightseeing and adventure opportunities also abound in the adjoining Skeleton Coast National Park to the north and the Namib-Naukluft-Park to the south. Famous travel destinations, like Sossusvlei in the southern Namib, Himba villages in Kaokoland, and the Etosha National Park are within easy reach by charter flights from Swakopmund.

Sam's Giardino is your ideal base from where to explore western Namibia.