Swakopmund, on Namibia's Atlantic Ocean coast, is famous for its relaxed holiday-resort atmosphere and the Skeleton Coast of the surrounding Namib Desert

Sam's Giardino

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Sam's Giardino - Facts & Features

There is meaning to the expression 'Giardino Experience', which you are likely to discover when visiting us. We like to give everything a little 'twist' so that staying at Sam's Giardino becomes just that much more comfy and uplifting than our prices and accommodation category suggest. Guests call our distinguishing features addictive, we call them hospitality with a touch of heart.

There are, of course, the standard facilities, like en-suite bathrooms and a breakfast room, as well as services catering to your requirements in meals, beverages and information. Guest rooms, kitchen and everything else get thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis, and if you like to, you are welcome to watch satellite TV and have a cup of coffee, any time of the day. But honestly, what's so special about these? We think they are what travellers can expect when booking a good guest house for holiday accommodation.

We therefore assigned the plain facts to a [fact sheet](fact sheet) available for download.

What makes us different though is summarised below and presented in greater detail, if you follow the links.

copyright krause-rehberg: Namibia First and foremost, quality, especially where it matters most. Where you can feel, taste, or otherwise grasp it with various of your senses, not just with your eyes. Quality that becomes a sensation, for your body, mind and soul.

At the Giardino, such quality awaits you around every corner, from [guest rooms](guest rooms) without frills yet packed with thoughtful features to each dish on our [dinner menu](dinner menu) and in the choices available from an extensive [breakfast buffet](breakfast buffet).

We are also not only passionate about [South African wines](South African wines) but stocking one of the largest private wine collections in Namibia. A changing selection of these is available for ordering [wine by the glass](wine by the glass) as well as for sampling during a daily [wine tasting](wine tasting) activity.

Furthermore, we love our chosen African home country, Namibia, and present it to guests in the form of a daily video documentary, countless tourism-related publications and free travel info. There is a large [library of books](library of books) on travel and other topics at your disposal, and [free internet access](free internet access) comes with our compliments, too.

The list of convenient facilities and services goes on - why not use the links provided to find out more?

Whenever you need a break, from the demands of every-day life or after activities around our Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert environments, you'll find Sam's Giardino and its [lush gardens](lush gardens) to be a tranquil oasis yet never boring.

We know that stimulating and inspiring relaxation is the best you can get from your much deserved holidays.