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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting at Sam's Giardino

Here is your chance to do wine tasting of a different kind! We not only give you 5 different fine wines from the South African Cape Winelands to sample - three red and two white - but also introduce you to how the wine professionals determine wine aromas and come up with those fancy wine descriptions found in wine guide books. 'Le nez du vin', literally translated from French means 'the nose of wine', is really the science of identifying the natural aromas in wine, all 54 of them. The noses of us common mortals can usually only differentiate between a handful of broad aroma categories and have to be trained to identify them precisely. You think you can do better?

Try it at our Wine Tasting, 18h30 daily!

You'd like to know more about wines at Sam's Giardino? Download PDF in English & Deutsch